Used Bowling Balls.Com: Will only sell quality used equipment on our site, nothing less then a full season of use will pass our 12 point inspection process. We provide a 100%
full satisfaction guarantee with our used equipment. Your complete satisfaction is our
only concern. Thank you

Category # 1 - 6 - 11 lbs Used Balls
Category # 2 - 12 - 13 lbs Used Balls
Category # 3 - 14 lbs Used Balls 
Category # 4 - 15 lbs Used Balls 
Category # 5 - 16 lbs Used Balls
Category # 6 - Used Spare Balls


How We Rate Our Used Equipment

MINT - You can get a full season out of it without resurf (100 games). Has 10-20 games on wood lanes, once cleaned, you will get a full season out of it. We do not resurfaced it at all.

EXCELLENT CONDITION - Has been resurfaced just once, some minor scratches, can get 1/2 season without another resurface OR Never resurfaced, has 20-30 games on wood, 40-50 on synthetics 

VERY GOOD CONDITION - Resurfaced once, some nicks from lane damage, or Has been plugged once, and we resurfaced it once just before taking picture.

GOOD CONDITION - Resurfaced once, plugged once maybe, has 50-100 games on it, need resurfacing, or resurfaced twice.

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